health / zdravi

27.02.2022 14:39

Because of fals roomers being spred out on social network about the health condition of our 10 year old stud Python, we decided to repeat his shoulder X-rays officially. The result is OCD clear. Before sedation he had his heart checked.

Anoki, 4 year old female in co-ownership was x-rayed with the results OCD clear, ED 0.

***Pro pomluvy sirene na socialnich sitich ohledne zdravi naseho plemenika Pythona, jsme v jeho 10ti letech zopakovali rtg OCD officially. The result is OCD clear. Pred narkozou jsme mu take nechali zkontrolovat srdce.

Anoki, fena ve spolumajetku byla rentgenovana opetovne, ve veku 4 roky s vysledky OCD clear, ED 0.