availbale male young adult / volny mlady pes

16.02.2022 13:24

Searching new owner or co-owner for young Beauceron male Ragnar du Stuyver Veld. Strong, almost two years old dog with much personality, dominant and needing activity. Only suitable for expereinced dog person, best for duty type police or prison patrol or professional guard dog. Impressive helperwork with strong grips, he only respects people with natural authority. HD A, ED 0. Contact me for detail info and videos.

Hledam majitele nebo spolumajitele pro Ragnar du Stuyver Veld. Urostly, temer 2 lety Beauceron, osobnost, dominantni a nevyboureny. Vhodny jen zkusenemu pejskarovi, nejlepe do sluzby jako hlidkovy pes, do veznice nebo k profesionalni ostraze. Ma vyborne obrany, silne zakusy a respektuje pouze autoritu. Rtg. DKK A, DLK 0. Kontaktujte mne pro vice informaci a video.